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My Ridiculous List of Scrapbook Projects

I thought it would be good to sit down and take stock of all the projects I have in the works right now. Some are year-long and I'll add to them as we go, some are hangovers from last year (or the year before, eek!).


I wrote about this project last time. It's still going and I'm happy with the framework and finding it easy enough to keep up with.


This is a project I've joined in with at Awesome Ladies Project - you can read more about it here. It's a year-long project with monthly prompts, guidance and group discussion. I'm enjoying the deep thinking and introspection.


I had bought some inserts last year and didn't touch them until recently. I had planned to be more hands on and get a bit messy in these books but my inner digital/minimalist/perfectionist just won't let me so I figured out I can make pages in photoshop, print out in full and just glue in. I wanted to keep the book to one topic so food was a no brainer. I love having a place to document favourite recipes and meals out. For this project, I'm sticking with a black and white theme using mostly digital products from Paislee Press, Ali Edwards and One Little Bird.


This is a sweet, short project I have just started. I'm a long-time list maker and have always wanted to join in with this community but this is my first time (30 Days Of Lists). I was days behind but found a format that worked for me and made it easy to catch up. I'm printing the prompt and number on kraft 6x4 paper (I tried actually stamping, but I am a disaster so I'm sticking with a stampy font instead) and just handwriting my lists. I'm not agonising over this - just getting it done and moving on to the next one. I'm pairing each card with a photo and will use binder rings at the end to put it all together.


I'm still making regular 6x8 digital pages for my binder. I am using Ali Edwards Story Book album and am on to my second one since starting my 6x8 obsession last year and have no plans to stop. Because I didn't do a traditional family documenting project last year like Project Life, I needed a place for the little (and big) daily stories and 6x8 has become a perfect way of documenting those. I have been a subscriber to Ali's Digital Story Kit since the beginning and this is where I use most of those kits. I keep my pages simple and concentrate on just telling the story.


This was a project created by Kristin at the Awesome Ladies Project that I started last year (see the details here). Kristin now has a book for sale if you want to join in and make your own 100 Days project. Mine is very simple (as a 100 day project needs to be!). I'm using a small We Are Memory Keepers Instagram album, making the pages in photoshop and just sticking a photo on the back of the previous page. I'm up to day 75 and plan to finish it up soon. The prompts are awesome.

This was a year long project from last year that I haven't finished. After doing December Daily I thought I would keep it going for 2017 but make a spread for every weekend. I kept it up until August but then we travelled a lot - I just need to finish. The simple format of a large photo paired with some journaling and a collage or smaller photo makes it easy to go back. I'm also in the habit of writing about our weekend every Sunday evening or Monday morning when I'm at work early so the recaps are there. I was planning to print this as a book but then changed my mind and sized it down to 6x8 and put the pages in a cute Snap binder.


I started this photobook when we got back in October 2017, but took a break. I always need a bit of distance from a holiday so I started back up with this project last week and I'm about half way through.


This one is neglected and barely started. I will get there one day! Plus, we went for my brother's wedding and I owe him and his wife a photobook.

So that's it for my projects. Some are easy and some are more daunting but they are all things I am happy to work on.

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