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Scrapbook Plans for 2018

I usually have some kind of plan for scrapbooking when the new year rolls around. Not this year. A few weeks in and I still had no clue about what kind of year-long project I wanted to do (or if I wanted to make one at all).

I was really happy with my 2017 me-focused project. I received the Blurb Trade Book just before Christmas and loved the end result.The photobook option is great because it takes up a lot less space and is much easier for us to take down and flip through, so I've decided to do something similar.

I am going back to a more family-oriented chronological book that will focus on the photos but also have a weekly recap about our life. I call it Project Life even though it's not the traditional PL format. I have done a previous book like this that was split up by month, but this time I'm dividing my book by seasons - I always need some kind of structure and I like how life changes with the seasons.

I'm making 6x9 pages in photoshop and using very simple templates for the photos and words. For the Summer break page, I've used the Paislee Press Summer Vibes digital kit and I'll probably do something similar for the other seasons. So far so good - I've printed some pages out as I always do just to test what it will actually look like on paper. I hope the weekly recap won't become a chore. So that's the plan for 2018 Project Life.

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