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Week In The Life 2018

We are travelling during the time allotted for Ali Edwards' Week In The Life so I wasn't going to participate. Then at the last minute, I ordered the cute 3x8 album from Ali's site and decided to jump in a few days early (I know I wouldn't do it if I waited until we got back).

My week will go from Wednesday 2 May to Tuesday 8 May which is fine by me, if a little unconventional. I'm keeping my process for this project simple - taking photos throughout the day and keeping a log of daily activities on Simple Note on my Mac. I've just started working from home as our company looks for new office space in the city, so I thought that would be a good/different time to document.

I am using Ali's 3x8 templates and keeping it mainly words + photos. I might get some of the other digital kits and embellish later but I've been big on purchasing ALL. THE. KITS. in the past and then just sticking with the basics in the end and not using much else.

I sat down Wednesday morning and made a quick plan. I don't even have my album or page protectors yet but I'm doing the project digitally so I can have everything ready and printed by the time it all arrives.

I am the kind of person that works on projects like this daily in terms of actually putting the album together and making pages. I am a fast scrapper - I make choices quickly and digital layouts don't take long to put together. Seeing the project take shape day by day inspires me to continue and helps me learn what kinds of photos and how many I need to aim for each day.


Three page protectors each day, using each of the three designs - so six 3x8 pages per day.

1. Daily opener - full page photo with the date

2. Filling out the morning, afternoon and evening card as a run-down of my day.

3. Writing one main story for the day with a photo - day one is about working from home.

4. A page of four random photos from the day

5. Using some of the template title prompts to write about a topic - eg Embracing or Loving.

6. A final large photo and short story to go with it (or not)

I have extra page protectors if a day becomes really interesting or photo heavy (Saturday we are going to a BBQ festival and concert with a bunch of friends so I may make more pages for that day).

Here are my pages from day one - Wednesday.

Full 3x8 protector

Looking forward to having this little album to look back on a few years from now.

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