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Remaking My Mini Book

I've had fun working on my little 4x6 Commonplace Book this year, but I've struggled a bit with the disposable nature of such books and not being able to easily flip through with the binder rings. It was also at capacity and I wasn't sure if I should just finish, add bigger rings or start book two. As a reminder, this book is just a hodge-podge collection of my lists, TV shows, song lyrics, recipes, movies, photos, quotes, random ridiculous thoughts and silly stories that don't really fit the aesthetic of my family photobook project for 2018 (which is a more traditional 'Project Life' style of chronological photos and a weekly journaled recap).

After looking through last year's Blurb book one quiet Winter weekend recently, I decided to just bunker down and recreate the whole thing in photoshop for another Blurb book. Some pages I had saved digitally and others I had to make from scratch but the whole project is simplistic and minimal so it didn't take that long. Now I have a bunch of pages ready for a future 5x8 Blurb Trade book and an easy format for adding more pages as I go. (These are some test pages).

So happy with this decision. I really loved that little 4x6 book and being able to use my old paper stash, letter stickers and ephemera from my day but I just know the book will last longer and be a better way to look through all of those memories down the track.

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