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6x8 Bicycle Layout

As I was working on this, a thought came to me: did I (subconsciously) spend hundreds of dollars this weekend on new bikes just so I could make this layout and use that cute wooden bike embellishment?* I guess we'll never know...

This was a simple digital 6x8 page with an embellishment stuck on at the end after printing. I started with the bike photograph, fitting it in at the bottom. I planned to put the wooden bike embellishment in the centre but as I looked for a few digital elements to add, I found this semi-circle word 'Adventure Memories' from Ali Edwards' Adventure digital Story Kit and thought I could enlarge it to fit the bike inside. This worked a lot better and gave me more space for the journaling. I also put the digital 'Go' stamp from the same kit over the photo, changed it to white and lowered the opacity.

To work out spacing for a non-digital element that I want to add to my layout after printing, I usually measure it with my ruler then draw a box on my layout that size and work around it. When I print, I just turn that layer off so the shape doesn't print out.

Being lazy today, I tried sizing the layout on my computer screen to exactly 6x8 by holding up a 6x8 piece of cardstock, then I just held the actual bike embellishment up and sized around it. Worked out fine and another page in the book. (*Bike element is from a set of wooden icons from Kmart Australia).

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