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Setting up Project Life 2019 (no, really this time)

I've been playing around with various Project Life options for this year since about October and this morning settled on a plan going forward which is different to all the other plans (of course).

I knew I wanted to make mine digitally and have it printed as a book. I was tossing up between 12x12 or 8x10 but have settled on 8x10 because it's a bit easier to fill and smaller on my shelf.

I've made various test templates but have just decided to stick with a tried and true grid which mirrors page-protectors. It just works so well for photos, journaling cards and filler cards. I'm doing a weekly two-page spread, old-school.

I created an 8x10 grid template in Photoshop Elements (PSE) then expanded it to 16x10 so I can work on the full week at once (and when I'm making the Blurb book, I can set the pages to be one spread going across the two pages so I just need to drag in one week at a time rather than a left and a right page each week #lazy).

I always find it much easier to make a plan and work on templates once the year has started and I have real life photos and stories. For the first week I've used some Paislee Press digital elements and will be carrying that through the book (this is the set I used this week and this for journaling). I just love Liz's products so much - they really speak to my minimalist heart.

My goal with this project is to be clean, simple and easy to keep up with. Same sized spots to fill every week but the digital flexibility to fit with what I have. I am planning to work on it weekly when I can but I know that won't always happen.

Here's a short video about setting everything up. Thanks!

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