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December Daily - Day 11-15

Past the half way mark already. Loving how this little book is turning out.

Day 11/ Eli's presentation day at school - he got the Integrity award! So proud. (Card is from Push Print Studios HERE).

Day 12/ Zara's school award day today - Outstanding Academic Achievement. Way to go Zara! She's 13 and hates photos right now so this shot at lunch was the best I could do. (Card is Push Print Studios HERE).

Day 13/ I realised that this would be my last day at home without any kids around so I sorted and wrapped all the presents. (Card is from the 2017 Paislee Press December Daily Mini Kit HERE).

Day 14/ I keep finding Luna hanging out around the tree at night. Makes me so happy. (Card is from my shop HERE).

Day 15/ Well and truly Summer in Sydney so a nice cocktail on the deck at the end of the day is required. (Card is from the Paislee Press Summer Vibes template collection HERE).

Days 01-05 HERE

Days 06-10 HERE

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