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So That Was April

I'm going to try and do a monthly recap here because the months are flying by and I need somewhere to mark the time and remind myself that life was being lived and stuff was happening, even if it feels like it wasn't.


Brett got covid last week and we've reached day six without me getting it so I'm awesome. The kids had it last month and I also avoided it so I am feeling quite smug even though it's really just luck. I've worked from home the past week as a precaution and it's quite comical how I never seem to get to that 'back to normal' life I've been talking about since January.

I also realised nursing sick people is my love language. I have been reminding the family to take note as I get my husband an extra blanket, medicine or something to eat in case I'm next. I want the full treatment and the bar is high.

Autumn is here and so are allergies. That doesn't help when you are waiting for the covid shoe to drop. I'm loving the cool days and nights though. It really is my favourite season. I've bought new pillows and quilts for my bed and that has really upped my cosy game. I'm also back in the kitchen and motivated to cook. We have had so much rain already this year but the last few weekends have been glorious. This is my Sunday afternoon nap spot on the trampoline.


I am continuing on with my 8x10 digital journal and love working on it. I usually spend a few hours a week doing a couple of spreads. I've struggled with what to call this project (you know I love a good name) but as I look at the pages together in Blurb, it has a very magazine-vibe so I think I'll go with Digest 2021/2022.

I recently started a YouTube channel, something that has been on my to-do list for ages. As usual, it was much easier than anticipated and I don't know what I put it off so long. I've uploaded just two videos so far (both are about my digital journal project, including a look at the whole book so far). Yes, I am aware I am probably the last person to start a YouTube channel. I should be ready for TikTok in about 2026.

I still have my Vimeo channel with lots of digital scrapbooking process videos but I am hoping to reboot a lot of those and bring them to YouTube. Speaking of YouTube, I am also late to being a viewer of it. Now I am all in. You can find me watching hours of cottagecore videos where young women forage, fossick and frolic (all the F's) in the woods, make tea, watercolour bunnies and dress like Laura Ingalls. Fascinating and absolutely no shade. If I could, I would.

I am also addicted to 'what I eat in a day as a vegan' videos, studio vlogs by arty people and videos of random people reacting to films I really love. So yeah, YouTube, check out this new thing that I just found...I think it might catch on.


One of the YouTube people I am loving is Fran Meneses - an artist living in Brooklyn. On one of her videos, she talked about being in the middle listening to all 500 of Rolling Stone magazine's Greatest Albums of All Time. I could not think of a more suitable challenge for this record-loving, music-obsessed gal so I have jumped in too. I am following the 2020 version (which is the most recent, they update it from time to time) and my rules are: start at 500 and work my way down, no skipping, no shuffle and listen to the actual record if I have it (I'm listening mostly on Spotify). I am so excited.

I also learned that Spotify has a lyrics option which is just the best. I recently bought a Bluetooth karaoke machine with two wireless mikes and swirly light so I am all set. It was an impulse purchase from Amazon and the brand is JYX. (Not so great was the time by son hid it in my closet while I was in bed and my husband started whispering "help me, help me" into the microphone from the other room). I cannot wait for our next party. No I can't sing, but yes I think I can.


I've been trying to be a bit more consistent in adding things to my digital shop this year. Here is a quick look at what was new for April:

Digest Template Set 01 (8 templates) - this is the basis of my 8x10 digital journal and designed for anyone who wants to make a grungy, magazine style book too.

This Week Double Template - an easy way to document a week at a glance.

Watching/Listening/Reading Cards - a little 3x4 journal card freebie.

Graphic 12x12 Templates - document your photos in some interesting shapes.

4Things Single Template - document four things. It's in the name.

Hand-Drawn Note Strips (10 stickers) - fun little stickers to add to layouts or photos.

Seasonal Templates (6 4x8 and 6x8 templates) - designed to tell stories of the seasons.

Monthly Planner Spread (10x8) - a remake of an older template to suit a landscape 10x8 album.

So that's about it for April. Thanks for reading! S

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