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My Jam

Sometimes I need to pare things down and get back to basics. This hobby can feel overly complicated and if I've been away from it for a bit, I can feel like I forgot how to do it.

I had been looking at this little icon on Spotify and thinking I must make a page about this playlist I've been listening to lately at my desk. Just a little story.

I always start these hybrid pages in Photoshop Elements, just so I can see where everything will fit. I start with a 6x8 canvas and draw a square the size I want my photo and mask the photo in (just dragging it straight from Google Images), then I measure my letter stickers and make a rectangle roughly that size so I know where the letters will go and finally I write my journaling.

To print, I turn off the photo and rectangle layers so I just get the journaling printing onto my 6x8 piece of cardstock. Then I drag a copy of my photo layer to a new 4x6 canvas and print that out on photo paper. To finish, I just cut the photo out, glue it on with some foam dots and stick the letters on. Easy.

This page really speaks to my minimalist self and reminds me that a little photo, a little title and a little story is enough.

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