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Lightroom & Scrapbooking - Part Three

Lightroom makes it so easy to see everything and look through photos and supplies. I can drag a photo or digital item straight from Lightroom to the Photoshop Elements dock at the bottom of my screen and it opens right up in Photoshop ready to use.

The search function in Lightroom is makes my scrapbooking so easy. Once I am in my Lightroom Scrapbook folder, I can search for anything. I love using circles on my layouts so I hit Command F (for Find), do a search on 'Circles' and all the circles from every kit will show up and I can drag one down to Photoshop. It's brilliant.

I also often search on words like weekend, currently or yes to see what supplies I might have with that word, or "journal cards" if I need one of those. This makes it easy for me to mix and match my various kits, while still having each kit in its own folder it I want to stick to one. I don't have to spend a lot of time looking through my kits unless I want to and that's great.

So that's a quick look at how I use Lightroom for scrapbooking. Feel free to leave a comment or email me with any questions. Thanks for reading! (See Part Four for a quick video run through)

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