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Lightroom & Scrapbooking - Part Two

In this post, I want to share how I organise my digital scrapbooking supplies.


On my Mac, when I download a purchased digital scrapbooking kit, it is automatically unzipped and saved in folders in the Downloads folder on my hard drive. Other computers may need the files to be unzipped first. To add a kit to Lightroom, I click on Import in Lightroom, choose my Macintosh HD under Files (if I'm importing photos from my phone, it will show up under Devices) the navigate through to my Downloads folder on the hard drive and select the new digital kit/item.

If you don't see the full kit when you click on it (sometimes kits are split by the designer into separate folders like Journal Cards, Stamps, etc) make sure the 'Include Subfolders' box is checked in Lightroom then everything should be visible, ready to click the Import button.

Once a kit is imported into Lightroom, I create a new subfolder for that kit in my main Scrapbook folder.

This is how my Ali Edwards' Learn story kit looks when I click on that folder:

Next post: how Lightroom helps me when making layouts.

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