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A New Year's Scrapbooking Pep Talk

In my 'real' life I struggle with people-pleasing and perfectionism.

Always have.

Reaching my 40's has done a lot to curb that - you just start to feel like you earned the right to be yourself.

In case anyone needs to hear it coming into 2019 (me!), I just wanted to say that whatever you want to do, it's OK.

If you want to take a break from Project Life this year, you can.

If you feel like digital scrapbooking isn't real scrapbooking, it is.

If you think you aren't doing it right, you are.

If you think that little notebook you are decorating with words and photos isn't scrapbooking, it is.

If you want to make three albums worth of layouts this year, awesome.

If you know you will be lucky to fill one album, that's awesome.

If you want to scroll through instagram and not make anything, that's OK too.

If you want to completely, radically change the way you scrapbook, yes!

If you want to keep doing what you've been doing, yes to that too.

If you think you need to do what everyone else is doing (Travelers Notebooks! Project Life! 9x12! 6x12! Bigger! Smaller! Messy! Clean! Arty! Graphic!), you don't.

If you feel overwhelmed, simplify.

If you feel bored, play.

If you haven't finished your 2018 projects but feel inspired to start something new this year, do it.

If you have half a year documented and feel you need to finish even if it's making you miserable, don't. Half a year documented is fantastic.

If you love arty pages but just can't pull it off (me!), just do your style of pages and oooh and aaahh over those other amazing pages on instagram.

If you think there is a specific 'way' to scrapbook, there isn't.

If you think the scrapbooking police will arrest you, they won't. (Excuse me ma'm, is that item you are glueing into your December Daily acid free?)

Make this hobby an amazing way to spend your time every week rather than another chore.

Make it fun - whatever that means for you.

I give you permission :)

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