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Project Life Week 02

It was my last week home from work for the Christmas break. Spending more time at my desk than usual, I kept my digital project life spread open on my computer and worked on it as the week went by. A little story here, a photo there. That worked really well. Not sure if I can do that every week, but it was easier to type my stories straight in or add in a photo rather than wait until Sunday to pull it all together.

I didn't take many photos this week. I had a friend visit for a few days and didn't take a single photo with her (she had a nasty sunburn so she was actually happy about that!). We also socialised a bit on the weekend but again, no photos. I'm calling it December Daily burn out :)

I don't stress about low-photo weeks. It's such an ebb and flow thing for me and I will make a more conscious effort this week as I get back to work and the city. I quite like having some blank spaces to use up some of my digital journal card stash and there are ALWAYS food photos on my camera roll. I watched a lot of movies this week too so that filled a few spots.

I'm enjoying this project again by simplifying - hope it lasts!

Notes & Products: I'm making my pages digitally in PSE using a simple grid template and plan to print an 8x10 photobook at Blurb at the end of the year.

This week I'm continuing with the Paislee Press journaling cards (HERE) and 3x4 photo templates (HERE). The LOVE and number card are from the Project Life Fresh Kit (HERE). Totes Adorbs stamp is from Cathy Zielske (HERE).

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