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Project Update for January (+ a video walk through)

Now January is over, I wanted to do a little review of how my two big projects are coming along. (Both are digital and will become Blurb books once complete).

First, I have Project Life (a post about this year's set up is HERE and you can see my pages HERE). I'm doing a weekly spread, 8x10 each side.

This format is working well for me and I am enjoying adding things to my little rectangles each week and telling a few short stories. I have done a monthly format for Project Life the last few years and going back to weekly has given this project new life for me. I am enjoying only having seven days worth of photos/stories/life to sift through each week and just one simple spread to complete.

Second is my 5x8 scrapbook project - my commonplace book.

For the last two years I have built a small, digital, personal book to keep all of my lists, favourites, quotes, ideas, recipes, random thoughts and things that didn't have a place in my 'other' scrapbooking.

I made my first version of this project in 2017 to have break from traditional Project Life. It was totally me-focused with no rules, totally random, very simplistic and I loved it so much. It was my favourite project to work and might be my favourite scrapbook ever (you can see it HERE). I didn't even know the term 'commonplace book' when I made it.

Last year when I went back to a more family-oriented project (HERE) I missed that little side project so much that I started one up again, first as a 4x6 paper mini with binder rings, then repurposed into a 5x8 Blurb book (HERE)

This year I've decided to try mixing in my regular scrapbook pages into this book too instead of having this plus a binder of 6x8 layouts. It would save me a lot of shelf space and just meant that I had to get used to scrapping at 5x8 instead of 6x8 which hasn't been that hard. So far, so good.

There is some crossover between the this book and Project Life but I am OK with that. For me, Project Life is a look at my life while my 5x8 is a look in my head & heart.

Today I finished up my January pages for both (I'm splitting my 5x8 book by month just to give me some kind of structure) and have loaded them into Blurb.

I've done a quick video walkthrough of how both books are looking in Blurb if you want to check it out. Thanks for being here!

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