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Project Life Weeks 05-10

It's been a while since I shared my Project Life pages on the blog so I thought I would catch up today.

I'm still happy with the template and look forward to working on the spreads every week. It's been a few years since I did weekly Project Life and I like the immediacy of it as well as the ease of only having seven days to consider (compared to pulling everything together from the last thirty days when I was doing a monthly project). Hopefully the enthusiasm lasts a bit longer!


Ten weeks in and I've got a good rhythm and work flow going. I have an office job Monday-Wednesday so I don't get to sit down with my pages until Thursday. That's when I write in one or two stories, chose a journal card or two and add in the photos I have from the week so far. At this stage, my spread is about 2/3 complete then on Sunday afternoon I try and finish it off with any weekend stories + photos. If I get to Sunday and we've had an awesome weekend with lots to document, I'm happy to override some of my earlier photos/stories with the more interesting ones.

I've settled on adding in one or two journal cards each week and using that as the colour scheme for the spread if possible - I like carrying colours over to the other page to give everything some cohesion. When one of my photos fits in with the scheme, even better (and usually random). I have a huge digital journal card collection so I like having a place to use them every week.


I have a couple of methods of collecting the little stories and tidbits I might want to include in my weekly spread.

I use my paper diary to make notes of things that happened during the week along side our appointments and school activities. I use this diary and love that it has my weekly schedule on one side, and space for habits, goals and focus on the other side as well as a large blank area for notes.

I also use my phone as a memory-keeping tool. Besides my regular photos, my camera roll is filled with screen shots & photos of anything I want to remember/try/buy/document. Books, food, movie tickets, recipes, quote cards from instagram, important news headlines and things that make me laugh. I've tried so many note taking and capturing apps but this crude method is the one that has stuck and works for me. I am always looking through my camera roll so it's the best place to keep anything I want to remember.

Notes & Products: I'm making my pages digitally in PSE - one double spread per week - using a grid template and plan to print an 8x10 photobook with Blurb at the end of the year.

I've set my template up with a few Paislee Press products that I use for every week - templates within a template: journaling cards (HERE), 3x4 photo templates (HERE) and the weekly number (HERE).

I am also digging into my collection of digital journal cards by Ali Edwards (HERE) and Becky Higgins' Project Life (HERE).

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