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Video: Using Digital Journal Cards

Today I've got a video of some real-time digital scrapbooking using digital journal cards in layouts (rather than pocket projects).

The first page uses a 3x4 journal card from Paislee Press' Autumn Vibes Journal Card set available at The Lily Pad (HERE).

The other two projects use 3x8 journal cards from Geralyn at In A Creative Bubble -the Remember set (HERE) and the Delightful set (HERE). Her full 3x8 collection can be found (HERE).

I am so happy that digital designers are making 3x8 templates and cards - they are perfect for Travelers Notebooks, 6x8 pages and my own 5x8 project.

These are some more of my favourites from Liz at Paislee Press (HERE) (HERE) and (HERE) and some of Ali Edwards' (HERE) and (HERE).

And here is the video, thanks!

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