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VIDEO: Getting My Handwriting Into Digital Layouts (Using Procreate)

I have always preferred typed journaling over my handwriting but sometimes it's nice to include it in a layout.

As a digital scrapbooker for many years, my handwriting is missing from my projects but lately I've been playing with the Procreate App (HERE) with my daughter's iPad and Apple Pencil to get some handwriting back into my digital layouts.

I've made two videos about the process - one is using the Procreate App and getting your file to your computer for scrapbooking, the other is how to get the words onto your layout.

As I mention in the video, I am no Procreate expert - I am doing the bare minimum with it for now. My daughter loves it for drawing and people are creating incredible art, brush lettering, calligraphy and so many awesome things. There are online tutorials and classes if you want to go further - I hope to some day.

My aim was to get my standard, everyday handwriting onto some of my pages. Here's a 5x8 spread:

And this is my Kellie Stamps project using the new Currently digital set (HERE) and some handwriting - process video for this layout is below.

Video #1: How to do handwriting on Procreate and get it to your computer for scrapbooking (apologies, my videos cut off abruptly at the end for some reason but cover all the steps):

Video #2: How to get your Procreate words onto a layout:

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