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My December Daily Plan for 2019

After many years of digital December Daily (and digital scrapbooking in general), I'm in the mood for getting my hands dirty with some actual paper, scissors and glue.

This will be my 12th December Daily and I love that working on this project has now become another of my Christmas traditions along with the tree and the baking.

I'm thinking an old-school homemade 4x4 minibook - just a bunch of pages held together with binder rings and a chipboard cover. I'm not buying the physical kit (let's not get too crazy, whoah) but I'll take a more hybrid approach with the various digital releases as well as stuff I already have.

Turns out, I still have quite a lot of physical scrapbooking things stashed away in my drawer - leftovers from a past Week In the Life kit, some chipboard and wood elements and loads of letter stickers.

Today I printed out some of my digital journal cards and some previous Christmas photos to see what it might look like. I want to keep this year's project really simple - a photo and a journal card or patterned paper for each day with a very brief story or caption.

We are breaking tradition this year - combining Christmas with some family friends and spending the day at their place, so this will be a great year to do something different and pared-down with my book too.

I know I'll get frustrated halfway through with the printing, cutting, hole punching etc but it's only 25 days right?

Once this year's December Daily Digitals are available, I'll do a video and post about turning digital items to physical items with Photoshop Elements. I know that's something a lot of people wonder about, particularly if they can't get the physical item they really wanted. Stay tuned!

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