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Using Trello for Scrapbook Planning (+ Video)

Let's talk scrapbook organising and planning.

Trello is a free project organising app that you can log into via your desktop or devices (HERE).

I had a client at work that needed me to use Trello a few years ago and I didn't like it and didn't get it. Then earlier this year, Jennifer Wilson at Simple Scrapper talked about how it was working for her in a podcast (HERE) and I decided to take another look. Thanks Jennifer!

I don't know if they changed things in the app or if using it for my own projects made the difference but I now love it and find it really useful.

As with all productivity apps, there is so much here that I just don't use, you can make it as complex or as simple as you want. I'm just keeping to the basics.

Trello operates via cards and lists - you set up lists for each topic then add cards to those. That is still a bit confusing to me because I think of the lists as cards (that's how they look on the board) that are then filled with lists but that's the story of my life...

You first set up a board - which will be your working screen - so mine is called Scrapbooking. You can have other boards for other areas of your life you want to organise (I have one for food and meal planning too).

I like how you can add a photo to your main board screen - there are a lot of cool stock photos.

On my scrapbook board then I have a couple of lists:

Quick Page Ideas - where I just note down a general scrapbook page idea as a checklist (most of my cards are checklists).

Album Ideas - where I keep ideas for themed albums

Specific Project Lists - for current album projects I'm working on. I can map out the sections and brainstorm ideas as a checklist for each section.

Video Ideas - a checklist of ideas for future videos or topics people have asked me to cover

I also create a list for each month and that's the most useful thing for me. Each month has two cards in it: To Do's and Stories.

Under to-do's I have two checklists - Big Picture and a list of to-do's for the coming week.

Big Picture - anything I want to achieve that month like finishing off an album project and getting it sent off to print, catching up on Project Life or starting a new project I have in mind.

Weekly To-Do - specific things I want/need to do that week like buying a new kit that's been released, making a project for a design team, finishing a Project Life spread or adding some pages to my various travelers notebooks.

I can cross each thing off when I've done it which always feels fantastic and I like having a list of things to do when I'm at my desk but I'm not sure where to start.

On the Stories card, I note any story I want to either scrapbook about or add in to Project Life that month (which are usually small stories like TV programs, good recipes, a song I'm loving or a funny quote from the kids). When I'm working, I can come here for ideas.

I know reading about organising apps is always confusing and a bit boring, so I've made a quick video.

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