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Some December Daily Ideas for Days You Don't Have Much Happening

December Daily is really a labour of love. Making 25 or more pages for one project is a lot and sometimes there's just not much happening in your day to document. (If you're new to the concept, December Daily was created by Ali Edwards and you can learn more HERE).

I like having ideas (and even photos) ready to go for those kind of days. Stories that are not day dependent but that are important parts of our December. Some of these photos can be taken in the lead up to December or even added into your foundation pages (it's allowed, I promise).

Looking back through my past projects, I've realised that I am much more interested in documenting the mood and rhythms of the season in my December Daily than a forensic, accurate capture of every single day's activities.

Here are some ideas for pages that can slot into any day:

1. Wrapping paper, special ornaments or new decorations. I love documenting our wrapping paper each year or cool new ornaments.

2. A seasonal photo. For us, it's the swimming pool, bowls of summer fruit or beach towels laying on the grass. For you, it might be snow boots lined up at the door. Something that sets the scene for your season is always a good addition.

3. A mini day-in-the-life. These kinds of pages are always worth adding in. I love looking back at how our days were filled when the kids were small.

4. Christmas baking. Fancy cookies & baking ingredients always make excellent photographs.

5. Lists & plans - menu planning, grocery lists, gift lists. I love looking back at my old lists.

6. A page about life right now for each child or for yourself. What they are into? How are they feeling about Christmas this year? What are they are excited for? A quick recap of their year is also a great thing to add (mid December marks the end of the Australian school year so it's a great time to reflect). How are you feeling? How was 2019 for you? What are you loving about December?

7. Document how your city decorates for Christmas. A great excuse to get out and take some photos.

8. What Christmas movies or music you are watching/listening to? What new films have you watched? What are your favourites? When & where do you like to watch? Have you bought any new music? Do you have movie traditions as a family? A bucket list? Or document your current non-Christmas music, TV or movie faves.

9. Some self-care and reflection. Are you taking some time to unwind in this busy period? Does that look like a good book and a blanket or some tea in your favourite mug early in the morning? Photos and stories that evoke a cosy mood are my favourite.

10. Seasonal traditions. What does your family do that's different or special this time of year? For us, it's evening swimming, alfresco dinners, Calippo's, school finishing up for the year, winding down at work, towels on the line constantly.

11. Christmas-themed clothing or a special outfit you might have bought for the season. Socks, jumpers, tights, PJs, a pretty dress for Christmas day.

12. Seasonal chores. What things do you need to do around the house to get ready for Christmas or for this season? Boring but necessary.

So here's to quiet days in December and may we at least have one or two of them this season.

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