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December Daily - Day 01-05

Hello December! So excited to be doing December Daily again - my 12th time. It has become just as important to me as all of my other Christmas traditions.

This year I am simplifying this project way down and making a little 4x4 handmade album (here is a post about my plan HERE). I'm sticking with a full photo on one side (always the left for me, I have no idea why) and a journaling card or just text on the other.

I am continuing on with Project Life in December as well as making pages for my 2019 5x8 book (I didn't want to skip a month) so I've got plenty of places for my December stories to land outside of December Daily.

In terms of photos, I take square pics for Instagram all the time but going so small (and narrowing myself down to only one photo per day) means that I need to find new and interesting ways to frame things to best tell the story. I'm really loving that challenge so far - it makes me think of things in different ways.

For supplies, I am sticking with digital items. I have gone on a bit of a digital journal card buying frenzy, but there are just so many great sets and they work perfectly with my 4x4 design with a bit of tweaking.

These are the ones I've added to my collection this year:

The December Daily Mini Kit by Paislee Press for Ali Edwards

I also use a lot of my older holiday stash (which is embarrassingly large) as well as non-holiday themed stuff in my book (December is the start of Summer here in Australia, so I can use all my seasonal kits too).

I made my cover by cutting down an old chipboard album that already had the holes punched and I'm using binder rings to hold it all together. I plan to do something to the cover - maybe letter stickers or (gasp) stamping. Haven't decided if I will paint it (probably either white or black) or just leave as chipboard. This is the kind of thing I did for my first few December Daily's so what goes around, comes around!

I am printing my photos on Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl paper and my journaling cards on matte photo paper. The matte paper has caused me a lot of printer grief - my Epson does not like the thicker matte 4x6 sheets so I've had to use the back feeder as a work around.

Here's a look at days 1-5. I always like to include an 'intentions' page for my own benefit, to set the mood for December and remind me of what's important when things get stressful (very important for this recovering perfectionist with a Martha Stewart complex).

I'm adding a simple number circle to each photo and sometimes one on the cards too.

Day 01/ Dinner out with the family (I made my own card with some Studio Calico stamps and a Celebrate sticker from an Ali Edwards' Story Kit).

Day 02/ So happy to find this Harry Potter ornament in the tree stash - forgot I bought it last year. (Card: December Daily Mini Kit by Paislee Press)

Day 03/ Last soccer game for the Summer season cancelled due to bad air quality. (Card: December You Are My Fave No. 8 by Paislee Press).

Day 04/ Filling our pool back up (Circle element: Summer Vibes Elements by Paislee Press)

Day 05/ Guitar Lessons (Card: Push Print Studios)

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