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December Daily - Day 06-10

(Days 1-5 are HERE).

I've found my groove with this little 4x4 project. I've been able to make my daily pages each evening - printing my photo and journal card and sticking it all together. I am so glad I went the pared-down route this year. I'm not feeling stressed and I like the process of sifting through my journal card stash for just the right thing.

My goal with December Daily each year is to try and just get it done every day. Good enough, not perfect. Ideally I only want to work on this during December and not let it hang over into the new year. I know some people intend from the outset to make their pages later in the year but it would just not work for me. I like to be 'in the moment' making my December Daily and I don't want to think about Christmas outside of the season. It's not or never for me.

On to the next set of pages...

Day 06/ A busy-ish Friday so I went with a morning/afternoon list. (Card is from Push Print Studios HERE).

Day 07/ A Saturday morning trip to Ikea for a new rug. (Card is from the December Daily Mini Kit by Paislee Press HERE).

Day 08/ Sunday morning I took Zara and two of her friends to see Knives Out. This movie was my pick as chaperone (their first choice was Charlie's Angels) so I was so glad they loved it as much as I did. (Popcorn stamp & star rating is by Kellie Stamps HERE)

Day 09/ I took this photo of the big tree at Martin Place last week so I'm using it for Day 09. (Card is from In A Creative Bubble HERE)

Day 10/ Selfie of Eli and I. Lately he loves laying on my bed and watching TV with me before bedtime. We usually watch Nailed It or Queer Eye. (The Love sticker is from the December Daily Mini Kit by Paislee Press HERE).

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