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December Daily - Day 16-20

Still going - on the home stretch now.

I will probably keep my project going until 26 December (Boxing Day here) but I have also gone all the way to the 31st before, it just depends on what we have going on and if I'm in the mood to continue or just finish up.

Day 16/ I had to document the Schitt's Creek Christmas episode. It just makes me happy to have this in my book. Zara and I watched it together. (I used some Ali Edwards word art and a date sticker from Paislee Press).

Day 17/ Reindeer Cookies. This is a tradition here - the kids love taking them to school to share with the class during their last week. (Card is from Kelly Purkey HERE and I was so excited to use it).

Day 18/ My last day at work and the last day of school for the kids. I used a photo from the restaurant we had lunch at. (I made the card using December word art from Paislee Press).

Day 19/ Heat wave in Sydney so a pool day. (Circle element is from Paislee Press HERE).

Day 20/ I've been really enjoying the old black and white holidays films this year. (Card is from the Paislee Press December You Are My Fave No. 8 HERE)

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