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It's Almost March! Time for a Blog Post

Hey friends - how it got to the end of February, I don't know. But here we are. It always takes me a month or two to feel in the groove for a new year.

Here are the projects I'm working on in 2020 and where I am at.


I'm using my digital planner templates to document our weeks this year (as version of Project Life really). So far so good. I'm hoping that filling those little boxes each week isn't too much of a chore and I'm excited to be able to use my (huuuge) digital scrapbooking stash to help do that. I'm currently a week behind and that's how it usually goes for me.

I love this method of documenting because it catches the mundane surface-level stuff of our lives. What we are watching, podcasts and music I'm listening to, what events and activities we've attended, photos here and there, some stories, funny things I've heard, things I've cooked or eaten, memes that made us laugh and lots of dog pics.

This is all the stuff that probably wouldn't make it onto a traditional scrapbook page and I love that there is a place for it. It's definitely a case where the whole is way more than the sum of its parts. I also love that I can still make a spread even on the most sparse-photo weeks (and we all have those).

I have the templates for these pages in my shop in various sizes if you want to give it a try. (HERE)


I posted before about changing back to 8.5x11 after a few years of smaller layouts (HERE).

I love making larger pages again and being able to print immediately - the extra space for words is wonderful (even if I'm still getting used to the scale change). I'm also really in love with my black and white striped Heidi Swapp Storyline album (also love the base pages that are included).

These pages are where I can really explore something and dedicate more space, thought and time. These pages are much more feelings-and-ideas based and I love the richer stories that come out here. If project life is a superficial look at life, my 8.5x11 pages are the deep dive. I think both are important.


I love working in travelers' notebook size but don't love the fragility of the TNs I've made so far. I make my pages digitally, print, cut and glue into the notebook but they feel kind of unfinished and not lasting. But then Citrus Twist released a new batch of the Life Crafted Albums (HERE) in January and I was totally in and bought two.

They are fantastic - 4x8ish pages in an album with page protectors - the perfect way of doing a TN to me. These smaller sized pages are for my smaller sized stories or just for when I need a change from 8.5x11. Makes me happy and I have a plan for the other album (later).


I have barely started on my Little Life Stories project (HERE). This is the year for getting into that. I'm thinking the colder months will be a great time to get those old photo boxes out and start telling some old stories. I don't plan to finish this year (or even next) but I would really like to get some more pages done and start filling out those sections.


I started this in March 2019 (which is out of my comfort zone being a strict January-December stickler usually) so I'm about done. It's been fun but any year-long project is a labor of love and I'm ready to finish up and send it to print. I just need to add my January and February food photos. (HERE) is my post about that project.


I recently found an old mini-book I'd made detailing some changes to our house and yard over the years. The kids were so interested in our home pre-them and even Brett and I enjoyed looking through it. I'd love to add more pages to this, including early photos from the build stage and the changes since, so I think I'm planning a re-do in one of my Citrus Twist 4x8 albums.


The goal is to just keep adding products - digital templates, album kits and journal cards mostly - throughout the year (link is HERE). Grateful for all of the community support for this little endeavour of mine and proud of myself for just saying 'yes' one random weekend and getting it done after thinking about opening a digital scrapbook shop for years. Learning things along the way and so happy to be helping people tell their stories.


So that's my 2020 update. Plenty to keep me busy. A few different projects so I have Project B to move onto when I'm bored with Project A.

I'm really thankful that I still love this hobby so much.

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