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December Daily 2020 - Days 6-10

Still going!

I'm in my December Daily groove now. For me, that means I don't need to worry about the design or 'look' of my pages anymore, I just need to find the story I want to tell for the day. The rest just comes together.

Days 1-5 are available HERE.

Day six is about our dog Luna and how much in love with her we all are. Corny but true. I used a full page photo with a label over the top and another smaller photo on the right side with an Ali Edwards label from the For The Love story kit. I added a little white border to the small photo and gave it a subtle shadow which I only do for white-on-white elements.

For day seven, I used one of the prompts in Liz's December Pause class to think about the little joys that I've felt this week. I wasn't sure which photo to use so I decided to go with this beautiful red paper from In A Creative Bubble which fits perfectly with my red theme. The 'Joy' stamp is from the Paislee Press December 2017 Daily Mini Kit.

Day eight is all about decorating the house. I love it, until I don't. I've used one of my 4x8 templates with a Kerri Bradford stamp 'Home' added. The star garland on the other page is from my December Digital Stamp Set.

For day nine, I have messed up my red and white theme but I am totally OK with that. I wanted to document a few days Brett traveled into the city with me for work and this photo was just so perfect spread across two pages. I still kept my red theme and the You and Me are from Ali Edward's Little Things story kit.

For day ten, I documented some of my favourite ornaments and talked about lightening up on what decorations went where. This left side is a template from the December 4x8 se, kept as-is for a change. The light stamp on the right is from my December stamp set.

I'm enjoying the process of making these little spreads each day - keeping it simple for me is the key to getting it done. If I had to come up with a creative, unique spread every time I would be out of steam by about day three :)

Thanks friends!

Other notes:

I'm using a Life Crafted album by Citrus Twist (its 4x8).

I'm using the same fonts from my templates in my project for cohesion. The titles on the labels are Futura (I'm often switching the template titles out with my own) and the script journaling is Mrs Eaves Romantic (which was a free font but I've had it for years).

My printer is an Epson Expression Photo XP-8500, a few years old now.

My photo paper is Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl (I print two 4x8 pages on one Letter sized sheet and cut out).

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