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December Daily Plans for 2021

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

Hey friends! This year I am sharing my December Daily 2021 plans, thoughts and process over on Ali Edwards' blog.

This will be my 14th year making a December Daily album and this year I'm planning to go hybrid, which to me means using digital supplies to make a paper book with some bits and pieces added in.

My intention is to make a little handmade 4x5 book that I can add to as much or as little as I like. Just a little celebration of December which for us means Christmas, summer, a break from work and the end of the school year. I'm doing away with numbered pages and daily stories for the first time and just planning to throw whatever I like into this little book - it's all very casual and loose.

I'll work in Photoshop Elements using the digital December Daily kits and products. I’m planning a good mix of of photos, journal cards, pretty patterns, stickers, lists and some vellum and transparencies mixed in.

I think the main difference between my everyday documenting and this book will be a more intentional effort to capture the season. With my Project Life (or what I'm calling Project Life Lite this year after vowing not to take on a yearly project), I am just going through my camera roll each week and putting my photos and stories into my little grids. For December Daily, I want to think more about what we are doing in this season of life and make sure I capture that.

You can find my first few posts on Ali's blog:

So happy to have a plan and a start. Bring on December :)

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