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December Daily Plans for 2023

I am really looking forward to the Christmas season this year. Our house is slowly getting into shape and we are coming into Summer.

I’ve really become conscious of simplifying December (a late-in-life lesson) and I plan to repeat that to myself like a mantra. Don’t take on too much, don’t let perfectionism ruin the season and don’t make yourself miserable.

The last two years, I’ve done a handmade mini-book for December Daily and I plan to go small again this year - just so achievable and fun.

December Daily 2022 (4x5 homemade minibook)

Blurb now has a little 5x5 photobook option available so I’m thinking I might do a fully digital project rather than cobbling a book together myself. I've made so many photobooks but never for December Daily. We will still be busy house-wise so taking the printer, paper and glue out of the equation will help keep me on track.

My last two albums were a fun mishmash of everything Christmas and December but I think I might narrow this one down to a more traditional story/photo a day structure. My photo taking needs a jolt and December Daily will be perfect for that.

December Daily 2021 (4x5 homemade minibook)

I think I might create 25-31 two-page spreads with a repetitive journal theme like "December is for...". That way I can concentrate on getting some great photos throughout the month and creating a little collection of things that mean 'December' to me (which is the beginning of Summer for us down here in case the swimming pool is confusing :) I could probably fill the book off the top of my head right now.

Here's a little mock-up. Just a simple 'December Is For' repeated everyday with a number added (this one is from the December Daily 2021 Digitals Number Stamp Set from Ali Edwards).

I think this is the way for me this year. Just the thought of not having to print myself is a load off, as well as only needing to come up with one photo a day. And I just love working with little squares.

In my mind, I'm calling this my HADD (half-assed December Daily). Happy to have you come along and be half-assed with me this year if that appeals - let's do it!

(...but not too much...calm down...jeez).

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