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October Mini Album - 31 Scary Movies

All of the wonderful October Daily shares on Instagram had me FOMO-ing quite badly. Unfortunately, it is not fall here (Spring here is really just a prelude to Summer) and Halloween is not the huge thing it is in the northern part of the world (although it is in our little spooky-loving family).

Tracie from The Scrap Gals had mentioned the idea of documenting her favourite scary movies and I thought that fit the bill perfectly. My husband, Brett, watches 31 horror movies in October so I thought I would document what my list would be (his are much higher on the gore scale than mine) and this little mini album was born.

4x4 is my favourite mini size and I was able to find a little black We R Memory Keepers album online. I made a simple template in Photoshop Elements where I could add in the movie, year, director and actors and space to write a little note about why I love the film.

I felt like handwriting for this project, but I ended up writing my notes in Procreate on my iPad with the Apple Pencil because I just like to know how everything will fit (ah perfectionism my old friend). I work on a Mac so it's very easy for me to airdrop my Procreate file back to the computer to use on the pages. I set up a 4x4 page in Procreate so I had a good idea of the spacing, then wrote each of the 31 notes on a separate layer and exported the whole thing back to my computer as a layered PSD file so I could take each note and pop it on the card template. (This was a sample page before I decided to add in Director).

I don't usually batch-create but this project worked best that way, so I did all the photos, then the notes and finally the cards. I printed my photos (just from google) slightly smaller than 4x4 so I could adhere them to the back of the previous card and keep a white border. Photos were printed on photo paper and the cards on 6x4 textured American Crafts cardstock that I then cut down to 4x4. I did most of it on a dark and cloudy Saturday afternoon with some music playing, a candle burning and lots of coffee, so it was quite fun. I went down a Wikipedia rabbit hole a few times and learned some new things about these films.

I also typed out an opening spread just to explain what this album was about, my thoughts on horror movies and how I chose these particular films.

I've made this simple template available in my shop for free if you want to make something too (could be any topic really) - HERE.

And I have a new set of book and film/TV themed Halloween stamps for sale in my shop if you are the embellishing type (HERE).

Finally, I have a quick flip through of my finished album on IGTV (HERE).

So happy to have this little collection documented. Not a bad way to spend a stormy Saturday afternoon at all.

Thank you for being here! S

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