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Shop Update - It's been a while...

I've been putting lots of digital goodness into my shop in January and February, so I thought I would do a quick update here on the blog in case you missed anything over on Instagram (which is where I post the new releases). It's a big one (that's what she said...)

For now, I'm doing a few releases each weekend - mostly digital scrapbooking templates (single and sets), journal cards and album kits.

I'm trying to include as many sizes as possible in my templates - 8.5x11, 12x12, 8x10, 9x12, 6x8 and 4x8 (and I often include a bunch of sizes in the one purchase). Sometimes a design will be specific to a certain size and I just can't offer it in all options. A 6x8 design doesn't always work on a larger scale and sometimes I just can't get the bigger pages scaled down to 6x8 or TN size in a way that works.

For all my 8x10 friends, I'm trying to include that size in my templates but because most of you are using 8x10 for future photo books, not all designs work. There needs to be a lot of white space around a photobook page in case of cut off and some of these newer designs are right to the edge and I'm just not comfortable making that size available if I think there might be risk.

I'm thinking of doing a Friday newsletter for anyone interested in that kind of thing, to cover the shop releases, projects I'm working on as well as general scrapbooking thoughts (of which I haz many). Stay tuned for more info on that.

On to the shop stuff...newest to oldest.

THE YEARLY BOOK REVIEW template (HERE) to document reading of course (or movies, tv, podcasts etc). This comes in three sizes - 6x8, 9x12 and 8.5x11. There is a single page which can hold 20 book covers and a double page for 40. Use patterned papers, journal cards or just colour blocks in the spare spaces if you don't have an even number of books read.

I used this template to document by husband's reading over a year and turned off the title layer before printing to I could use letter stickers instead (and yes, all of his books are horror and sci fi).

THE 6x8 STORIES TEMPLATE COLLECTION (HERE) is a set of 6 6x8 templates designed to quickly tell a story and includes single and multi-photo options. Another good template for hybrid pages if you want to swap out the digital title for stickers (I love that the title is contained).

HAND-DRAW MONTHS (HERE) to add to your projects. I'm planning more hand-drawn items because I think they are great for finishing off a page or using as titles.

ROUTINE TRAVELERS NOTEBOOK TEMPLATES (HERE). I am having a real TN moment - that size is just so fun to design and use. Add a photo, write a quick story and play around with the colours. Done.

THE MONTHLY RECAP TEMPLATES (HERE) are a quick way to recap your month with some photos and captions. These come with word art for every month as a hidden layer in the template. Perfect for people who are not doing weekly documenting this year. This one comes in 9x12, 8.5x11, 12x12 and 6x8 (double spread and single page options).

THE #52NEW TEMPLATE (HERE) is designed to document any yearly challenges you might have going on. Mine is cooking (I'm making 52 new recipes this year) but you could use this for general favourites, reading, films, gardening, exercising (the banner heading is editable). This comes in 8.5x11, 9x12 and 6x8 and there are four and six photo options depending on how motivated you are that particular month (or how slack you were the previous month and now you have to catch-up!).

FULL PAGE PHOTO TEMPLATES (HERE) come in 6x8 and Travelers Notebook size (4x8). A great way to showcase a full photo and add a short story.

The FIVE THINGS JOURNAL CARDS (HERE) are layered psd files for adding some 3x4 lists to your scrapbook or pocket pages. There are six cards in both month and week format. Being layered templates, you can add your text, date and change the colours if you like.

THE FLIPSIDE JOURNAL CARDS (HERE) because life is full of opposites. Make some notes or use as filler cards. Six jpg cards are included in this set. Obviously, kraft will never be over for me - long may it reign.

The #52WEEKENDS ALBUM KIT (HERE) has been a favourite - mine too. After doing December Daily one year, I got into the groove of pairing a single photo with a story and thought I should just continue on so #52Weekends was born. Document a year of weekends with one page per week. Add a photo (or a few) and a quick story or recap and you're done. 8 templates are included in 6x8 and 5x8 size to make an album or photobook. Or use the set to document 52 Stories (or more or less). A #52Weekends icon is included for your title or cover page. This is another perfect set if you are sitting out the weekly or monthly documenting this year.

20IN2020 SINGLE TEMPLATE (HERE). I love making a list of intentions when January rolls around so of course that's going to be a scrapbook page. This one comes in 12x12, 8.5x11 and 9x12. Add a selfie, some digital patterned paper and a list and you're done.

That's all folks! In future I'm planning to do a weekly update on Friday (my time) here on the blog to signal what's coming out on the weekend (rather than a huge two-month post like this one).

Thanks for being here!

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