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Foot Photo!

In September/October our family travelled around the USA. Even before we went, I had an idea to take a photo of our feet in every city we visited (for two we didn't even leave the airport but it still counts!). At first everyone thought it was a bit weird and annoying every time I yelled "FOOT PHOTO!", especially if we were running to make our connection. But by the end of the trip they were all on board.

When we got back home, one of the first pages I made about the trip was this little 6x8 digital spread. I used a few digital elements from Ali Edwards's Go digital Story Kit and just kept it simple with some titles and a bit of journalling. Triumphantly I held my finished pages up to the the family and said "See, it was worth it!" to which they replied..nothing, because they were too busy watching YouTube videos on their iPads. But I like it.

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