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Life Stories Jan-Jun

Today my Blurb Trade Book came in the post (always arrives so quickly - I only sent my order off five days ago). I ended up calling the book Life Stories Jan-Jun 2019 on the spine - I used some Ali Edwards word art with that phrase on a previous book and thought it fit for this.

This is the 5x8 book of all my scrapbook layouts for the year so far. I'll do another one July to December - fitting the whole year into one book just wasn't going to happen.

I'm so happy with the result. Trade Books are not as high quality as a photo book but I love this size and I knew what I was going to get.

The pages are matt and the colours aren't super vivid but the paper is thick.

The book cost me around $45 Australian all up with postage.

I made each page in Photoshop Elements as a 5x8 then I set each page in Blurb as a full page photo. I've got a set up post (HERE).

I made sure to leave a lot of white space in case of cut off and was careful with the edges but took my chances with some elements and it all came out fine.

This book contains around 170 single pages of layouts, I've got a photo with one of my full 6x8 Ali Edwards albums which contains 100 layouts to compare.

Looking forward to getting to work on my July pages!

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