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Travelers' Notebook: Book Review (Free PDF)

I try and track my reading in the Good Reads app but I thought it would be something worthwhile to document in a Travelers' Notebook so I started one today.

I made a very simple template that I'm going to repeat for every book - 4x8 pages that I can cut out and glue into my Travelers' Notebook.

I've made a PDF to share (in both 8.5x11 (HERE) and A4 size (HERE), depending on where you live). I've fitted two TN pages onto one sheet. You can bring it into Photoshop to add your text and photo before printing or just print as is and add your photo and text by hand.

I print my Travelers' Notebook pages on Epson Presentation Paper or a thin matte photo paper so as not to bulk the notebook up too much.

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