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December Daily 2022 - Week Two

Half way! Making most of my pages daily, although I had to catch up on Friday after a busy week. So happy that I chose to go small this year, it's fitting perfectly with my 'less' theme for December in general and makes it easy to get done.

My album arrived (it took just over a week to get here which I thought was pretty amazing). I'll keep making my loose pages and put it all together at the end. I've ended up doing a spread a day which means mostly a photo on one side and a journaling card or element on the other. I'm making my pages in Photoshop Elements and printing out at home (on my Epson Expression Photo), sometimes adding some letter stickers. My font through the book in Oceanside.

Day 08 was a work-from-home day so I documented how I love being able to play records while I work. I have a few old sets of digital cards from Push Print Studio which I love. They are so fun and simple. I recoloured this one to red so it would match the red in my living room photo and put some journaling between the words routine. The red half-circle is from the Paislee Press December You Are My Fave No. 6. Red makes me so happy.

Day 09 is about my obsession with food and all of the Christmas-themed food magazines and cookbooks that are around this year. This is definitely part of my December. I went with a pink theme to match my poolside pink flamingo pillow. The date circle is from Paislee Press December You Are My Fave No 9 (recoloured) and the plaid paper is from last year's December Daily kit.

Day 10 documents my son and I honing our homemade pasta making skills. I bought this cookbook Saturday Night Pasta while we were in Covid lockdown after hearing the author on a few podcasts. She started a homemade Saturday night pasta tradition as something to do while her husband . So cosy. Eli is obsessed with the cavatelli so that's what we make and we are getting good at it. Delicious. The patterned paper is from the Paislee Press December You Are My Fave No. 6 and the wreath number is one of Ali's older overlays.

Day 11 documents a typical Summer Sunday morning - hanging out by the pool, reading books, listening to music and drinking coffee. The Soaking up the sunshine stamp is from a Paislee Press summer kit and the Eleven is part of an older Ali Edwards' December Daily overlay. The slushee patterned paper is from my Summer Digital Paper Pack.

Day 12 was Eli's first day at a week of swim school (a great way to spend the very last week of school). He was so tired and a little sunburned so he laid down next to me while I was watching TV and had a nap, which is so rare at thirteen that I had to sneak this photo. I made the card and the number is from last year's December Daily digital number set.

I knew I wanted to document watching Fleishman Is In Trouble because 1) I love the show and 2) I love this poster, so that's Day 13. The snowflake paper is part of the LifeLovePaper patreon (recoloured a little to match the poster).

Day 14 documents our outdoor movie night watching Home Alone (which actually happened on Saturday but didn't get into the book until this day). The patterned paper is from this year's December Daily 10x8 digital pack and the stars and text on the photo are from last years' December Daily transparencies.

Day 15 documents a client lunch Stephen and I went to at Circular Quay (Sydney - obviously :). I didn't take a photo because it's a bit strange to do that with clients, so I took this photo from the hotel's website. We were sitting almost exactly in this position. The number is from last years' December Daily numbers set and I made the label from a card in last years' Paislee Press minikit.

When I saw Ali's great book-club page using that cool frame paper, I went and bought the digital version so I could make this Christmas movie spread. I sized the paper down from 8x10 to fit across two pages in my mini (8x5.5) then imported that to Procreate so I could make my photos masks there and keep that wonky hand-drawn look. Then I imported the mask layer back to my Mac and added photos from the internet. I didn't number this one so I'm just calling it an insert.

So that's week two. Happy how it's coming along.


I also added a new template set to my shop last week - a project-life style set of ten double-page templates that are designed to document a year of photos as a weekly or monthly spread. They come in 8x10 and 8.5x11 but open as double spreads so there are 20 layouts in total for each size.

Thanks for reading! S

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