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December Daily - Part Three & Done

Another December documented and in the books. Number 14.

I had thought about continuing my album for the whole month of December but it just got too full and I really like the compactness of the smaller rings so I added my final Christmas Day/Boxing Day pages and called it done.

This might be one of my very favourite December Daily albums ever. Having no real structure or daily expectation just made it so fun.

I've talked a lot about how December Daily is really a December project for me. I love working on it most days as part of my festive season and then be done and packed away soon after. As we head into January, I'm ready to move onto new things.

This is a looooong post as I wanted to add the rest of my pages which ended up being a lot! I also haven't linked all my supplies. I ended up using a lot of older Paislee Press and Ali Edwards Christmas digitals.

Let's have a look...

A full page food photo (my favourite) with some labels stapled on (something simple I've done a lot in this album) and a little Family Stone quote page I made as a foundation.

I took a photo of my house to try and motivate me into cleaning (the label is an old one from Ali Edwards). I also wanted to document the return of Sex In The City (The Delight title is an older one from Paislee Press - December You Are My Fave No 9).

I made this little calendar spread to jot down some of the things we had going on. I planned to do a second one later with the rest of the weeks but didn't end up doing that.

The weekend before Christmas we finally got some hot weather and I was able to add in some of the summer-y pages I had been hoping for. (The Hooray For The Weekend card is from In A Creative Bubble).

Pool day at last! (Paislee Press digitals).

And the obligatory summer afternoon ice-cream cone shot (also Paislee Press, flower paper is from a pack I got at Kmart recently).

A photo of my old, battered 45 of Do They Know It's Christmas and a little celebration of Meredith in The Family Stone (my choice for family movie night with Brett and Zara). I typed the lyrics on vellum and took a bunch of photos of the TV and made a collage.

Cherries mean summer. On the other side is a little not about my Monday working at home (background paper is an old one Paislee Press recoloured).

When I get to work early, I often take a walk down to Circular Quay. This day was magnificent but already getting hot at 8am. Last week of work for the year.

Celebratory lunch for our final work day of the year. The next morning I got up early to brave Costco for a few things (digital print from this year's kit).

I was feeling a bit unprepared this year - I normally have my food lists and everything done earlier. So I spent the morning of my first day off getting it together and reminding myself to take it easy (card is Paislee Press).

Every year I make a cured salmon recipe by Donna Hay. Paired the photo of the recipe with the Cousin Eddie card from my shop (speech bubble added by me).

December 24th is cooking/baking day around here. I used the mixer card from my shop along with one of the December Daily journal cards to tell that story.

My lemon-blueberry pie! I also wanted to document Fairytale of New York which is one of my favourite Christmas songs and was stuck in my head this Christmas Eve.

Living room photo for Christmas Eve with some Paislee Press word art.

I actually took a few photos on Christmas Day (doesn't always happen) so I made a little grid and just wrote a little list (older Paislee Press digitals).

I love to document our table every year and we had a lot of fun playing my singing Xbox game Christmas night.

And to finish off, our mobile Aperol Spritz bar to document our Boxing Day pool party on the 26th.

I loved making this little book. Even the annoying parts (for me) like cutting, glueing and hole punching. For a minimalist digital scrapbooker who mostly makes photo books, it's fun to change it up once a year and do something a bit different.

So that's it - all done for 2021. Thank you for following along with me. A spritz for you if you got this far!


(My other December Daily 2021 posts: Plan for 2021, Part One of my album and Part Two)

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