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December Daily - Part Two

Hey friends - today I'm sharing how my 4x5 December Daily is shaping up after week two. I'm just enjoying this easy, no fuss approach this year and not having to find a daily story is freeing.

But first, a word on expectations. And the weather.

When I conceived this album, I was picturing a nice mix of Christmas and summer photos and stories. Swimming pool, watermelon, beach towels drying on the line, alfresco dinners on the deck, drippy icecream cones. You get it. Instead, it's been cool, dark, rainy and not very summer-y at all. I've been in the pool once. December storms are usually the end point to a hot, humid and sunny day, not a daily occurance.

So we are spending a lot of time inside, watching movies and TV and that's very much reflected in my album. We are also still in a pandemic and just trying to get to the final day of school unscathed so big and crowded outings are out right now by choice. I'm rolling with it, it's just not what I pictured. On a positive note, cool rainy weather is my very favourite and there is plenty of time for summer to rear its hot and sweaty head.

(As I'm posting this a few days late, we did indeed get a huge taste of summer this weekend, which will be included in next week's pages).

So, on to my week two pages..

Succession is the show I'm most into right now and an important part of my Monday (when it airs here). So I used a journal card from my shop (Days Are For) to document it. The other side is a photo of my lunch - I'm trying to remember to add more full-page photos because the 4x5 size is perfect for that.

This little flip up tells the story of my kids getting into wind-down mode as school comes to a close for the year. The journal card is from my Christmas set and the label is from the December Daily main kit. The other side is one of my foundation pages - I printed the lyrics to Happy Xmas and put a photo of John Lennon underneath because I just love that song.

This is a more traditional December Daily spread. I paired a photo of our tree and gifts (the label is an older Paislee Press one) with a journal card from the 3x8 transparency set to document gift buying this year.

I had to document the weather of course, so I took a screen shot from the weather app and added it to an older Paislee Press patterned card with a digital stamp with a photo from our deck on the other side.

We got some very strange fortunes at a family birthday dinner so I wanted to record those (the OK stamp is from an old Ali Edwards Story Kit). On the other side is my Emma Thompson page, using my freebie journal card underneath the photo.

I am a huge Beatles fan and started watching the Get Back documentary this weekend. Simple double spread with some letter stickers.

I had a lovely, relaxing Friday afternoon as I tried to get rid of a headache, so I took this photo of the television as I watched The Holiday and typed a little story on top with some letter stickers. The other side is a silly text exchange with my 15 year old detailing the saga of the Airpod. RIP.

I had this photo of the city so I just added some text on top. The other side is the story of Zara and I watching The Godfather Part 2 on Saturday afternoon and deciding it was a Christmas movie. The patterned journal card is an older Paislee Press one.

I used a selfie on this cute patterned paper (from a Kmart 6x6 paper pack) and paired it with a currently card (available for free download by Kristin at the Awesome Ladies Project)

Another full photo with a label over the top and I paired it with the Brady Bunch card I made as a foundation, using a card from the In A Creative Bubble set in Ali's shop.

I had to document the Succession finale, so I added a photo to some patterned paper. Another full page photo with a label on the other side. Simple and quick.

It was the anniversary of getting Luna so she went in the book of course. It was a good but stressful week so I marked that with this cool Push Print card.

I ended this week's pages by documenting Elijah's year six farewell dinner using a card from the Paislee Press Mini Kit as the title.

I also made a cover for my book this week. I wanted something very simple and came up with this. I wasn't quite sure if I liked it but I overthink these things and I've decided it's perfectly fine. I printed the year on some white cardstock, added the letter stickers then put a clear transparency over the top and added the red felt star (which was a cut out from a runner I bought for our table).

So that's week two. Thanks for reading. I'm still deciding whether I'm going to finish this book up on 26 December or continue through the month. We'll see!

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