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December Daily 2020 - Days 11-15

Sharing my Day 11-15 pages today. I'm sticking to my easy formula and getting my pages done most days. Sometimes I've done a few pages in a day when I know I might not get to it on a work day - most of my stories are not day-specific.

Days 6-10 are HERE

Days 1-5 are HERE

Day 11 is about my love of The West Wing. Every year I watch the Christmas episodes that they bundle together and every year that leads to a rewatch. I used one of my 4x8 templates for the journaling page (HERE) and made the red card on the left with some word art from the Paislee Press December You Are My Fave No 9 4x8 Album Kit (HERE).

For Day 12 I told an older story about my childhood Christmas memories. The colour of the seventies photo wasn't great and I thought about making it black and white, but I think it would have lost something if we couldn't see the funky curtains (even if it clashes with my red elements a bit). The 'Details' card is from the Paislee Press December You Are My Fave No 9 4x8 Album Kit (HERE) and the stars are from last year's Paislee Press Mini Kit (recoloured).

One week I had not even thought about presents, the next week the tree was bursting with wrapped gifts thanks to online shopping and quick shipping. That's the story for Day 13. The 'All I Want for Christmas' stamps is taken from the Christmas tags in my shop (HERE)

Day 14 is the story of our pool. A very handy thing to own in Australia during summer and something I am so grateful for. The Summer word art is by Paislee Press, as well as the red circle embellishment. The Embrace the Season journal card is from the Seasons Story Kit by Ali Edwards.

Day 15 is a story about being in the city at Christmas time. It really is magical. The heart stamp is Paislee Press and the Big City Lover stamp is from In A Creative Bubble - New York stamp set (HERE). Third day in a row I've used a full page photo on the left - on a roll.

Hope everyone is feeling OK about their projects - whether you are caught up, way behind or haven't even started. While I love this project and embrace being a little bit crafty every day, it really is the busiest time of year and daily scrapbooking is just not possible for a lot of people.

It's OK to save everything for next year. It's OK to make pages in spurts. It's OK to have an album of mostly post-its and it's OK to pack it away and be done. There is always next year.

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